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Congratulations to This Year's Teacher Leader Scholarship Recipient!

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on Aug 22, 2017 4:34:23 PM

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We at Hameray Publishing are pleased to announce the recipient of this year's Hameray Publishing Group/Yuen Family Foundation Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Training Scholarship: Erin Nock of Farmington Public Schools. Erin will be attending the University of Connecticut, where she will study how to best help young struggling readers. Her scholarship includes $15,000, plus $1,000 worth of books to be used as tools with her students.

From the Reading Recovery Council of North America:

Erin brings 17 years of teaching experience to her training, with 11 in Reading Recovery. She is an active advocate for Reading Recovery and plans to be an accessible teacher leader who will train new teachers and support and expand the program. Farmington Public Schools has implemented Reading Recovery for 24 years. In 2017-18, 2,874 students were enrolled in K-8, with 440 students qualifying for free and reduced lunch.

The Reading Recovery Council of North America (RRCNA) is a not-for-profit association of Reading Recovery professionals and partners. The Council provides a network of professional development opportunities and is an advocate for Reading Recovery in the United States and Canada.

More than 2.3 million struggling first-grade readers and writers in North America have benefitted from the one-to-one teaching expertise of Reading Recovery professionals. The intervention, introduced to North America in 1984 by educators at The Ohio State University, has more research proving its effectiveness than any other beginning reading program.

From 2009 to 2017, the Hameray/Yuen Family Foundation has donated $245,000 in scholarships funds and $18,000 for recipients to purchase learning materials for the training of 18 Teacher Leaders, of which Erin is only the latest. Since their training, the preceding 17 Teacher Leaders have trained over 1,750 teachers (Reading Recovery, Literacy Coaches, and classroom teachers), and, together with the teachers they have trained, they have impacted over 18,330 students.

Three of these Teacher Leaders are also involved with Dual Language Learners programs. One teaches in a major Reading Recovery district in Canada. Four are no longer involved in Reading Recovery but have moved on to be reading interventionists or occupy similar positions where they are still of great help to teachers and students.

Want to learn more about Reading Recovery? Visit the website for the Reading Recovery Council of North America!

If you wish to apply for the 2018/2019 Teacher Leader Scholarship, you can send us an e-mail at info@hameraypublishing.com, and we will put you on a list to send information when next year's scholarships are announced.

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A Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Scholar Tells Her Story

Posted by Teri Turner on Jul 7, 2016 5:43:23 PM

This post is a guest blog by Yuen Family Scholar Teri Turner, who wanted to share her experience of how well Reading Recovery works. Read and get inspired. :)

Screen_Shot_2016-07-07_at_5.26.10_PM.pngIt is with deep gratitude I would like to thank the Hameray Publishing/Yuen Family Foundation for their generous gift of funding the Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Scholarship 2015–2016. As a recipient of this scholarship, I have had many wonderful experiences over the year. Most rewarding of these experiences has been the joy expressed by my students, and their parents, as they realize that they are readers and writers!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to hear a child say, “This is an easy book!” and “Can I write another sentence?!” It was equally rewarding to hear a parent express delight that their child texts with them, or that their child reads to them at bedtime. These are life changing experiences that a series of lessons in Reading Recovery has provided for these children.

This year, through Reading Recovery, I was able to bring the gift of reading and writing to seven York Region District School Board students. Partnerships with parents, classroom teachers, and administrators made the work lighter and more powerful. Hearing classroom teachers say things like: “He’s one of the best writers in the class,” “She has so much more confidence now!” and “The other children go to her for help now,” convey how Reading Recovery has made an impact on children and their ability to access curriculum along with their peers.

Part of my year included learning at the Canadian Institute of Reading Recovery with Reading Recovery Trainer Janice Van Dyke. The courses were vigorous and clearly practical in developing the skills and knowledge required to support training new Reading Recovery Teachers. Visits to other school boards to participate in In-Service sessions and Ongoing Professional Development were very rewarding. A huge highlight was meeting and participating in for Reading Recovery was infectious. It was truly a privilege to meet her.

Another grand highlight of the year was the opportunity to attend the 2016 National Reading Recovery & K–6 Conference in Ohio. This opportunity would not have been possible without the generous funding provided by Raymond and Christine Yuen of Hameray Publishing supporting the Reading Recovery Teacher Leader Scholarships. Being able to meet them, and thank them in person, was indeed a pleasure. So too was learning of their personal connections to the York Region community and school system. Their dedication to providing children opportunities to learn to read and write was a key message to everyone who had the privilege of speaking with them. Their dedication has certainly had a profound effect on the students I taught this year and will continue to reap benefits for many more students as I move into the role of Teacher Leader in the fall.

As this school year winds down, I am looking forward to attending the International Reading Recovery Trainers Organization in Vancouver in July, as well as sharing the learning journey of new Reading Recovery teachers and their students in years to come.

Here are some quotes I'd like to share with you from parents, teachers, and administrators about our success:

We are so grateful for the RR program and how much it benefited our son. He loves to read, something he did not have interest in before this incredible program. It helped him get caught up and be at the reading level he should be in. We also see a huge difference in his confidence. I asked him what he thought about the Reading Recovery program, and his response was: “When I start grade 2, I will now know how to read.” Thank you, and this amazing program that is made available to kids like mine. We are truly thankful.  — Parent

The Reading Recovery program at Anne Frank provided students with an opportunity to enhance their self confidence and feel better about themselves as learners. It opened the door to the exciting world of the printed word and allowed their imagination and creativity to flourish and bloom, while leveling the playing field. — Administrator

You were a part of his daily routine and he really loved the time spent with you. You always brought out the best in him and would guide him to be the best and most confident reader that he could be. — Parent

He’s the last one to leave the carpet at the end of silent reading. I have to call him away! What a huge difference. He’s come so far! — Teacher

Have your own comments about how Reading Recovery has worked for your students or children? Leave them below!

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Yuen Family Foundation Scholar Jeff Williams on Reading Recovery and CCSS

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on Aug 6, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Jeff Williams, of Solon City Schools in Solon, OH, recently wrote an article in the Journal of Reading Recovery examining how Common Core State Standards implementation may influence classroom instruction and answering questions that educators might have about Reading Recovery in the context of the Common Core.

The article explores the six strands of the CCSS, and provides tables showing how Reading Recovery teaching practices align with these strands, using Grade 1 as an example.

Last year, Jeff was one of two recipients of Hameray's Yuen Family Foundation Teacher Leader Scholarship. Jeff recommends the use of books from The Joy Cowley Collection and the Kaleidoscope Collection to aid in reading instruction.

Click the image below to view and download a PDF of Jeff's article, hosted on the Reading Recovery website.

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