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A Week of Mrs. Wishy Washy!

Posted by Bernard Yin on Mar 5, 2013 9:41:00 AM


Kendel or as her students know her, Miss Brady, has combined her love for travel with working and teaching abroad. We at Hameray still marvel over her amazing Mrs. Wishy-Washy Blog entry. Now that we have our own blog up and running, we could not help but share. Miss Brady pulled together a variety of resources to create a week full of great Mrs. Wishy-Washy activities for her Year 1 class. 

aaa1Wishy washy01 thumb

What first caught our attention was the great use of a sand table to build a Mrs. Wishy-Washy diorama. Plastic animals also helped build the story but this really is just the appetizer to her stellar Mrs. Wishy-Washy menu. A great mix of crafts and other activities inspired by The Story Museum and Making Learning Fun helped Miss Brady lead her class through their weeklong Mrs. Wishy-Washy adventure.

aaa3Wishy washy17

aaa2Wishy washy10 thumb

"Former teacher and now professional author/ storyteller, Adam Guillain visited our school to teach the storytelling method. One of the most influential skills I gathered was the use of a story map to help retell a story."

All of this culminates in a hysterical moment on the Friday of this special week.

"On Friday morning, I had our classroom TA take over registration while I hid in the closet and stuffed my belly and bottom with pillows. Our TA started to read Mrs. Wishy-washy. As soon as she got to the part, “along came Mrs. Wishy-washy,” I burst into the classroom with a snappy temper and bossy instructions. Children with toothpaste-covered sleeves and scruffy looking uniforms were ordered into the tub for a good scrub.  The uproarious laughter was so loud that the principal came to see what was the matter. We all had a really good laugh!"

Wow! If that is not enough, visit her blog to read how Miss Brady's amazing Mrs. Wishy-Washy week ended with an even more humorous punch line. Yes, it gets even better! Go to Miss Brady's Teaching Abroad blog: http://www.educating-abroad.com/?p=195 and also check out some bonus fun at her Pinterest profile: http://pinterest.com/eatingabroad/


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