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Posted by Sally Hosokawa on Feb 28, 2017 11:50:00 AM


It's not too late to enter the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway! The grand prize includes more than 100 leveled readers from the Joy Cowley Collection and Joy Cowley Early Birds series, a dream addition to any classroom library! JoyCowley_Contest2017_550px-add.jpg

All you need to do is fill out a short form to be entered for the grand prize, which features:

  • 60 Joy Cowley Collection leveled readers
  • 45 Joy Cowley Early Birds lower-leveled readers, including the all-new Little Rabbit series
  • 34 Joy Cowley big books, including her newest Mrs. Wishy-Washy big books
  • 1 set of finger puppets

                          EB_US_WW_WW_Garden_Cov_T.gif  Little_Rabbit_blog_promo.jpg 

But wait! The Joy Cowley celebration doesn’t just stop here—THREE teacher-bloggers have teamed up with Hameray to host their own Joy Cowley mini-giveaways! Join Lyssa, Kathy, and Laureen’s giveaways to win a Wishy-Washy Garden big book at the links below:

The deadline for the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway is March 1—don’t miss this amazing opportunity!



Click the left image below to download a brochure featuring Joy Cowley's books. Click the right image below to enter the Joy Cowley Giveaway! 

Joy Cowley Brochure   JoyCowley_Contest2017_550px-add.jpg

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We Have Our Winner! Who Will Dine with Joy Cowley?

Posted by Malissa Lewis on Jan 6, 2015 9:00:00 AM


Thanks to everyone who entered our Dine with Joy Contest! Here is the name of our lucky winner!

 Daphne Driskill

of University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Congratulations, Daphne!


Daphne won a trip to dine with the beloved author of the Mrs. Wishy-Washy books. Joy Cowley will be a keynote speaker at Reading Recovery's 30th Anniversary Celebration (Feb 7–10 in Columbus, OH). The trip includes:

• Dinner with Joy Cowley

• Entry to the RRCNA Exhibitor’s Hall

• Round-trip airfare to Columbus, OH

• Two Nights’ Hotel Stay

• Signed copy of Joy’s new collector’s edition book, What Is a Book?, written specially for the Reading Recovery 30th Anniversary

Hameray Publishing Group is a staunch supporter of Reading Recovery® and is thrilled to participate in its 30th anniversary celebration. Hameray offers two collections of Joy’s titles: Joy Cowley Early Birds and the Joy Cowley Collection, including big books.





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Dine with Joy Cowley! Enter to Win!

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on Nov 20, 2014 8:00:00 AM


Win a trip to dine with the beloved author of the Mrs. Wishy-Washy books. Joy Cowley will be a keynote speaker at Reading 
Recovery's 30th Anniversary Celebration (Feb 7–10 in Columbus, OH). The trip includes:

WhatBook_PLC_cover-300• Dinner with Joy Cowley
• Entry to the RRCNA Exhibitor’s Hall
• Round-trip airfare to Columbus, OH
• Two nights’ hotel stay
• Signed copy of Joy’s new collector’s edition book, What Is a Book?, written specially for the Reading Recovery 30th Anniversary

Hameray Publishing Group is a staunch supporter of Reading Recovery and is thrilled to participate in its 30th anniversary celebration. Hameray offers a two collections of Joy’s titles: Joy Cowley Early Birds and the Joy Cowley Collection, including big books. 


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Joy Cowley Giveaway 2014! It's that time again...

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on Feb 12, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Joy Cowley Giveaway CTA Blog
It's back! For the second year in a row, we're running a contest in which one lucky grand prize winner will get a HUGE collection of Joy Cowley's leveled readers, big books, and accessories! To get your chance to win, all you need to do is tell us what you and your students love about Joy Cowley's books—click here!

email image

To enter, click here to go to our website with contest details. Best of luck to you!

Winners will be announced here on our blog on 4/2/2014, so be sure to check back to find out if you are one of the lucky ones!

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Get FREE Shipping Because We're Thankful for YOU!

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on Nov 20, 2013 8:00:00 AM

thanks post header

It's been nearly ten months since we started this blog, and we're happy to have gained such a wide audience since then! We love being able to provide a platform for innovative and creative educators to share their fun lesson plans and classroom-tested strategies with the educational community at large, and we love the great ideas that YOU (and educators like you) have submitted to give your colleagues ideas for how to make the most of our books!

Because we appreciate you so much—readers and contributors alike—we have a special Thanksgiving deal for you: FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed between now and the end of the year! To receive your discount code that will give you free shipping on your order, just fill out our quick, two-question survey about this blog—it's easy, we promise! We want to make this blog even better, and you can help!


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Q & A with Denise Nott, Winner of Our Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on Jun 5, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Last month, we held a giveaway contest where one lucky classroom received ninety books written by Joy Cowley, creator of Mrs. Wishy-Washy. The books included the entire Joy Cowley Collection and Joy Cowley Early Birds. They also received three audiobook CDs and a set of Mrs. Wishy-Washy finger puppets. The winning teacher's name is Denise Nott, of Marion Cook School in Lagrange, Maine. We asked her some questions about the contest, her students, and her feelings about teaching in general. In today's post, you can read her answers and see the students enjoying their prizes!

017 250Did you know that someone nominated you to our Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway?

Yes, our guidance counselor, BJ Bowden. She nominates the teachers in both of her schools for many different things. She is the best!


What do your students love about Mrs. Wishy-Washy?

They love the animals! They also love the continuation of characters from book to book. They look for the animals in each book.


describe the imageWe heard that the class was just beside themselves when they learned they won. How did your students react?

It was amazing! I told the class that Ms. BJ had nominated me for this contest. I told them about the prizes, and of course they were excited! I told them that Joy Cowley herself had made a video to announce the winner. I acted like I had no idea that I won. I have an ENO board in my classroom so the video was nice and large. It started to play, and when the students heard Ms. Cowley say my name and the school and town name, their mouths literally dropped open! They looked at the video, then looked at me, then back to the video! It was amazing. It is a moment I will remember forever. Also, the two other teachers showed their classes as well so I was congratulated all day.


describe the imageHow did you learn of Mrs. Wishy-Washy or any other Joy Cowley titles? 

I heard about, and was exposed to, the Joy Cowley books when I was training for Reading Recovery. I also have an extensive collection in my classroom. With the new books, I have let the students put them in their reading boxes so they can read them during “read to self” and “read to partner.” They love to read these and when they are changing out their book boxes, they look for Joy Cowley books.


Please tell us a little more about the path that led you to teach. Were there any great "light bulb moments" that you will always remember? describe the imageWhat do you absolutely love about being a teacher?

I had wanted to be a teacher since I was in the 4th grade. Once I graduated high school, I attended community college, but I did not give it my all. I had just moved out and was living with my future husband and planning my wedding and married life. I had to work to pay bills, so I ended up leaving college. When I turned 29, I decided that if I ever wanted to be a teacher, I had better get the ball rolling! I enrolled in Eastern Maine Community College and received my associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 2002. I then enrolled at the University of Maine and received my Bachelors Degree in 2006. I started teaching in 2007.

The thing I love the best about teaching is seeing how far the children come describe the imageover the course of a year. I teach K/1 so I actually get to see the progress over two years! It is amazing to see these young 5-year-olds walk in on day one scared and unsure of themselves and then two years later, they leave me a completely confident child ready to take on second grade! I guess I love seeing the independence and self-reliance they gain.


Do you do anything in summer to prepare for the next school year, and if so, how close to the new school year do your preparations ramp up?

This year will be different for me, since our school is restructuring, and I will be moving to a new school. I will be teaching a straight first grade. I am very excited to have one grade level! The biggest thing I am planning to do, besides set up an entirely new classroom, is to plan lessons and map out my curriculum aligned to the Common Core. I think mapping out what I will teach for the whole year will be a big help. I will work in my room the first two weeks of August, but I will work on the mapping for the whole summer.


To read more about the books included in the giveaway and see what had the students so excited, you can visit our website or click on the images below to read key features of both of the book series by Joy Cowley!

- Tara Rodriquez

New Call-to-Action  New Call-to-Action

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Highlights from the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway

Posted by Tara Rodriquez on May 3, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Helping to support the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway was a group of very enthusiastic education bloggers. We offered these bloggers a chance to conduct their very own Mrs. Wishy-Washy giveaway (offering a Joy Cowley Big Book to one winner from each site) and to get first crack at reviewing a couple of our Mrs. Wishy-Washy books and informing their readers about our classroom nomination contest. Here are highlights from some of more creative posts (in alphabetical order by blog name):

1..2..3..Teach with Me

Screen Shot 2013 05 02 at 11.45.37 AMWritten by former teacher Tammy Ferrell, this blog focuses on  grade levels K–2 as implemented in the homeschooling of her two children.

Her post on the Mrs. Wishy-Washy contest and book reviews includes an example of some activities she created to help her son learn using Mrs. Wishy-Washy and the Big Wash as the focus of the lesson.

She created a chart with headings and made sticky notes with items to be matched to the headings. Then she had her son (five years old and reading at a first-grade level) match the sticky notes to their corresponding headings. The headings asked the child to identify the title, setting, and characters that were central to the story, and also what problem and solution drove the plot.

Another activity she created for her son was a synonym-matching activity based on vocabulary found in the book. Over on her blog, you can see pictures of the activities she created and read what she had to say about the book.


Catching Readers Before They FallScreen Shot 2013 05 02 at 11.47.23 AM

Written in support of the book by the same name, Catching Readers Before They Fall is a blog maintained by the book's authors, Pat Johnson and Katie Keier, that focuses on strategies to help struggling readers in grades K–4.

Katie, with the help of her students, reviewed Mrs. Wishy-Washy and the Big Wash and Wishy-Washy Clothes. Unique among our reviewers, Katie gave us some of the children's opinions in their own words:

*Joy Cowley is a smart writer. She knows how to make kids laugh. I love Mrs. Wishy-Washy!

*It was so funny when the animals put on Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s clothes (in the book Wishy-Washy Clothes). They looked funny and it made me laugh so hard!

*Joy Cowley writes books for kids that kids like. She makes the characters solve problems in a funny way. Sometimes Mrs. Wishy-Washy gets tricked by the animals. I like that!

Of course, Katie also gives her own reviews from a teacher's perspective. To find out what she thought of the books (and to see more reviews from the kids), check out her page.



I Live 2 Learn, I Love 2 Grow Screen Shot 2013 05 02 at 11.47.39 AM

The blog of second-grade teacher Anita GoodwinI Live 2 Learn, I Love 2 Grow is another place where our Mrs. Wishy-Washy books were reviewed and put to good use in the classroom. Anita had her class pair up with a kindergarten class to put on a "Reader's Theater" skit of Wishy-Washy Clothes, one of the books from our Joy Cowley Early Birds series that is intended to bring Mrs. Wishy-Washy and friends to a lower-reading-level audience.

They also used Mrs. Wishy-Washy finger puppets to make some rhythm videos! You can check out the videos and some images from the skit over on Anita's blog.



Secrets & Sharing Soda

This is a book blog dedicated to reviewing and commenting upon Screen Shot 2013 05 02 at 11.47.03 AMchildren's and teen fiction. It is written by DC-area children's librarian Katie Fitzgerald, and she was among the bloggers generous enough to write reviews on the two Mrs. Wishy-Washy books we sent out in advance of our contest.

Katie's reviews were very complete and outstandingly articulate. She did a great job of capturing the aim behind the Joy Cowley Collection and Joy Cowley Early Birds series, including the reading-level differences between the two. For great insight into these fun books, check out the link to her blog!




Think, Wonder, and Teach 

Screen Shot 2013 05 02 at 11.46.43 AMArizona teacher Misty Poland writes this blog, which focuses on teaching and parenting. Her reviews of our Mrs. Wishy-Washy books highlight the level of reading skill and reading readiness at which these books will best serve children.

She compares Mrs. Wishy-Washy to long-beloved children's literature characters Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and Amelia Bedelia—an apt comparison, as children who are fans of these characters are sure to love the adventures of Mrs. Wishy Washy and her animal friends.




There were more than thirty other bloggers who also contributed reviews and raised awareness for our Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway, so there isn't space here to mention them all, but you can find links to more of their blogs on our Pinterest page! Keep your eyes open for our next contest—we post them on our website home page and our Facebook page! If you "like" us on Facebook, you'll receive to-the-minute information as these contests and giveaways are announced.


- Tara Rodriquez

Click to request a catalog:

Hameray 2016 Catalog Request

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The Winner of the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway is...

Posted by Jacqueline Jones on May 2, 2013 1:04:00 AM

Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway! With over 1,400 Mrs. Wishy-Washy Fans & classroom teachers who were nominated, we had a difficult time selecting just one winner, so we have decided to award 10 "runner up" prizes in addition to the Grand Prize. Make sure that you read to the bottom to see if you're amongst the ten additional winners.

Without further ado, we're ready to reveal the lucky grand prize winner with the help of a special friend... please watch the video to see if it was you: 

Congratulations to Denise Nott and the students of
Mrs. Nott's combined 
Kindergarten & First Grade classroom! 


The 10 special runner-up prize recipients will receive 6 assorted titles from The Joy Cowley Collection and Joy Cowley Early Birds series and a set of Mrs. Wishy-Washy & Friends finger puppets. See a list of the 10 lucky winners below.

Runner Up Prize3

Runner Up Prize Winners:

- Angie Gilbert (Fairview ES | Camden, AR)

- Julie Charlson (River Valley YMCA | Prior Lake, MN)

- Amy Hansen (Fairforest ES | Spartanburg, SC)

- Cindy Helms (Knox ES | Alliance, OH)

- Maggie Butler (Hayesville, ES | Hayesville, NC)

- Tara Rupp (Ira J. Earl ES | Las Vegas, NV)

- Pam Trevenen (Sage Creek ES | Springville, UT)

- Linda Duchnick (Banta ES | Tracy, CA)

- Cara Keith (Maryland School for Deaf | Frederick, MD)

- Lillian Burris (Cypress Trails ES | Royal Palm Beach, FL)

Congratulations to all of the winners! We will be contacting you shortly to arrange shipping! Don't forget we're also offering a special 20% discount on all orders through 6/30/13 - use code ZJCC13.

Jacqueline + The Hameray Team

Request a catalog by clicking on the image below:

Hameray 2016 Catalog Request
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North Carolina Reading Conference - Raffle Winner Announced

Posted by Jacqueline Jones on Apr 12, 2013 12:05:00 AM

Joy Cowley Collection Raffle Winner

Thank you to all of the wonderful educators who visited Hameray at the North Carolina Reading Conference! We enjoyed visiting with you and having the opportunity to tell you more about our literacy products. For those of you entered our raffle, we are ready to announce the two winners:

Karis McDonald of Elizabeth City, NC
Grace Clark of Hillsboro, NC

Karis and Grace - you've each one a color set of your choice from The Joy Cowley Collection! We will be contacting you very soon. For everyone else, we really appreciate your participation in our giveaway and want to offer you something special too! Click here to receive your special offer!

If you have any questions about our literacy materials, please call us toll-free at 866-918-6173 or email me at Jacqueline.Jones@hameraypublishing.com.

Click below to receive a FREE K-8 literacy catalog:

Hameray 2016 Catalog Request


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The Winner of The Joy Cowley Collection is...

Posted by Jacqueline Jones on Feb 25, 2013 12:00:00 AM



The winner of the Joy Cowley Collection raffle is: Joanne Dietz of Liberty, NC! Joanne is a Reading Specialist at Liberty Elementary and the lucky winner of a complete set of wonderful stories by Mrs. Wishy-Washy creator – Joy Cowley. The Joy Cowley Collection is a 60 book series that brings back well-known and much-loved characters, including six new Mrs. Wishy-Washy books, promoting "learning with laughter." Students love the engaging characters and rhythm featured in each story. Click HERE to learn more about Joy Cowley's newest series or to view each book by reading level - click HERE!



Connect with us on Facebook, and Twitter for more contests, giveaways, and fun! Find unique new pins on our Pinterest page, and don't forget the Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Facebook page too!


Request a 2013 Catalog (click image below):

Hameray 2016 Catalog Request 

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